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Catch Them

16 Sep , 2018   Video

Draw a line and catch all pieces defined by the actual target. Each time you will have a target defined by a number of pieces of a certain type: Catch Them! Be careful not to capture other types of pieces. But if it appears: a heart and you catch it, you will receive an extra […]

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Video Games

Puzzle 3D blocks. First video game created by BuenRato.

15 Sep , 2018   Gallery

Dear colleagues, I am very pleased to share with all of you the creation of the first video game developed by BuenRato (Rafael Eslava). It’s something we all played and had fun with when we were kids, the cube puzzles, remember? Now you can create your own puzzles by configuring: number of rows, from 2 […]


Real Tetrix 3D

12 Jun , 2015   Video

Real 3D version of the classic and famous Tetris(c). I hope you like it and have fun as we all did in his day with the original 😉 Here it is in case you want to try it on your mobile or tablet: Free video game, click on the button below to install it:

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Puzzle 3D Blocks

15 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Create your own puzzles with 3D Blocks. Use your own pictures. Remember the old puzzle made of cardboard or wood cube blocks that we played with when we were children? Well, now you have the chance to have fun with them and with your children. You can create from very simple to very very complicated […]

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