Catch Them

16 Sep , 2018   Video

Draw a line and catch all pieces defined by the actual target.

Each time you will have a target defined by a number of pieces of a certain type:
Catch Them!

Be careful not to capture other types of pieces.
But if it appears:

  • a heart and you catch it, you will receive an extra life
  • a time capsule, catch it so you can use it and stop time.
  • a diamond, catch it to get more points.
  • a planet earth, catch it so that all the pieces fall by the effect of gravity.
  • sometimes there will be wind, be careful as the pieces will be moved by the force of it

At the end of each game and if you feel like collaborating you can spin the roulette (you will have 3 attempts) and see what prize you get:

  • more starting lives
  • plus starting time capsules
  • unlock more levels
  • extra time
  • more possibility of hearts appearing
  • more chance of time capsules appearing
  • more chance of earth planets appearing, gravity generators
  • more chance of diamonds appearing and be able to get many more points

To get it you only need to see a complete ad.

Catch Them

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