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15 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Create your own puzzles with 3D Blocks. Use your own pictures.

Remember the old puzzle made of cardboard or wood cube blocks that we played with when we were children?
Well, now you have the chance to have fun with them and with your children. You can create from very simple to very very complicated puzzle for those who dare.

Create the puzzle configuring…
★ rows……………………………. 2 to 5
★ columns………………………..2 to 7
★ rotate pieces…………………. none to hard
★ scramble pieces………………….. none to hard

Choose different options for puzzle creation process:
★ fast or slow speed
★ slide and rotate pieces at a time or in turn

Be creative:
★ generate puzzles from different sets of pictures: animals, trees, mountains, cartoons, fruits, flowers, lighting, space or mix them all
★ use your own pictures from your device gallery (NEW)

Easy and intuitive user interface to resolve it…
★ slide pieces: touch a piece beside empty spot
★ rotate pieces: touch the block and move the finger in the proper direction
★ double touch to view the 6 different pictures and check which blocks are in place or not
★ press round “camera” in the right side button to change between “front” and “3D perspective” view

Be ready when you solve the puzzle… 😉
★ Leaderboard: submit your score and try to beat your own records, look for your friends/public scores and challenge them to play
★ Achievements: explore 10 different challenges to get 100,000 experience points (XP). Up your player level.

When you finally solve it, prepare yourselves, there will be a celebration 😉

Puzzle 3D Blocks

ic_launcherClick on next button for downloading:

Here are some screenshots of the game running on the small screen of my Sony Xperia Mini Pro, so I imagine it will look much better on larger mobiles or tablets 😉

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